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Henry Pelissier exploded onto the Haitian art scene in the early 1990s with a depiction of Haiti that no other artist has been able to capture. His use of vibrant color combinations and the fluidity and subtle tones of his brush strokes allows us to bear witness to a life that the artist understands all too well. Henry gives depth of eyes with his use of shadows and light, flavor to fruit through rich colors and textures, and has an ability to show the human spirit with the tilt of the head of a market vendor, a slight smile of a mother with her child. A self-taught artist, Henry is a raw talent fueled by a passion to paint. He patiently studied every art book he could find to discover the mystery of color, tones, shadows, shapes, lighting and textures. He experimented with watercolors,gouache, markers, charcoal , oil and acrylics. day after day, night after night, Henry laboriously sketched his wife, Martine, using her as the model for his many portraits, and paintings. He did considerable research on the Haitian pictorial heritage , his works range from the pastoral beauty of the Haitian countryside to the colorful marketplace, from an innovative painting of angels, to the joyful dance of graceful young dancers to the mysteries of an imaginary world. His keen eye captures the simplicity of daily life which he translates into moments of joy. His muse is his family. His wife is the face of motherhood, his three children, Roxanne, Dominique and Teresa are the portrait of innocence and pure enlightenment. His reading of the Holy Bible has greatly contributed to the evolution of his art. It has added a new dimension to it. His faith has given him a new peace and joy which emerge in his latest paintings.

" Mermaids in my aquarium "
Size: 18 X 24 - Sold


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