Dominik Ambroise

Dominik works of art are a reflection on her Haitian upbringing and her experience abroad. She started to paint in 2000 while taking private lessons in art. Later on she enrolled at Miami Dade College in 2005 taking art classes. “I just cannot stop, she admitted, it is such an overwhelming urge.” She believes that art, in spite of its ascribed sophistication, is before all a contemplative attitude toward nature and life in general. It allows mankind to contribute to the creation of the universe by appealing to our sense of aesthetic, harmony, proportion, symmetry, balance, peace, and justice, in other words, to what we have the best in us.

Foul Moun
14" X 18"
Acrylic on Canvas


The Eye
48" X 48"
Acrylic on Canvas
$ 5000 obo


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